Monday, March 17, 2008


It's not just around the corner, outside a pane of glass. It's close, so close you can feel it between the blinds of your room, in your temporary jobs to fund backpacking books, reunions, new beginnings, bare shoulder prospects. When cover refers to the clouds, when you wake up by the sun's cycle, when you feel lucky to have been given even just one moment to feel lucky, when your hands aren't idle, they're moving together, they send something out and they take something back in.

When being alone is a gift, you swell and it's not with sentiment this time, you smile and it's not for show, you understand without speaking, you get to speak without consequence.

When the sounds of November sound different because of context, the arrangement is only the song ahead, new freckles, missed messages, the hunch beginning to lift away. The pictures peel from the wall because the tape can't hold in the burgeoning heat and it's all right because you don't need them any more.

When soon is now.


Anonymous said...

The song is so beautiful.

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