Friday, February 08, 2008

Project Runway


So this morning I was at the Project Runway finale and because no one asked us to sign a confidentiality agreement, I’m spilling the beans!


Final five! All remaining designers had lines today (do they edit out a few or something so that jerks like me don’t tell everyone what happened?—I think they must). Sweet P, Chris, Rami, Jillian and Christian all showed.

Highlights: Sweet P’s pink striped suiting (way better than it sounds), Chris’s models (America’s Next Top Models Bianca and Danielle) Rami’s blue draping on a short dress followed by a skirt suit, Jillian’s unbelievable coat (and America’s Next Top Model Jaslene aka Cha Cha being less caliente and more haute in a silver-trimmed dress), Christian’s choice of music.

Lowlights: Sweet P’s color scheme (mauve and yellow? Blech!), Chris’s everything else (red and black velvet—I shudder even writing this—the man suffers from the same curse as Kane, who was also in the audience—very talented, no taste), Rami’s military-olive tone overload and Christian’s over-the-top high fashion—was beautifully done, but mostly beige and black and somehow ended up boring.

Midlights: Posh Spice as the guest judge (meh), all the old cast members in the audience (Jay, Laura, Daniel), Heidi Klum’s shiny hair and teeth (note to self: eat more avocado), Tyson Beckford, Nikki Taylor, Padma from Top Chef and the rest of the Bravo crew.

Absence of lights: D-list sightings: Julia Allison of Gawker fame (they love to hate her, shall we say?) was in the lobby, gesticulating wildly, in an unsightly candy pink prom dress which Nina Garcia would not approve of, a Blair Underwood lookalike in the front row, a bunch of models who didn't make the cut for the shows looking pouty and sleepy stumbling to their seats.

I say Jillian should win, but they might just give it to Christian because of “potential”. Lame.


Anonymous said...

how did you get to go to this?! so cool!!

Buffy said...

Okay. Posh. In person. Honest opinion. You're anonymous, so let's have it.

K said...

A little alien-like! Pretty, overly coiffed and quite thin.

Crazy orange outfit, very shiny hair, seemed like the only one who was even watching the show as Michael Kors and Nina Garcia were cracking jokes to each other the whole time. Good at posing for pictures. Looks exactly the same in person as she does in the tabloids....