Friday, February 29, 2008


Things I (am marginally ashamed I) never liked:

Rent: the musical, the soundtrack or the idea

Red Bull and vodka, together or separate

Lipstick, espadrilles, massages that include the limbs (stay on the back! stay on the back! I don't need you to rub my elbow!)

Media gossip, celebrity news, famewhores (though I am entirely addicted)

Polenta, asparagus, January

Pets without fur (lizards, birds, fish--they belong in the wild and not in your bedroom)

Photo Ops (must I close my eyes and open my mouth in every single shot?)

Sample sales (the excess of consumerism meets someone else who grabs the bag I wanted)

Talking about sex with any of the following: parents, friends who I would never want to see naked, friends who I have seen naked, friends who I want to see naked

Chick Flicks (except for the following: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Bridget Jones's Diary)

Grrrl bands, sing-a-longs without a karaoke machine, when people insist on seeing "who's taller" and make you line up against them and then stand really tall and you always lose (am I alone on this one?)

Chick Books with hot pink titles and shoes on the cover

Fiery Furnaces, Joanna Newsom, 70% of Williamsburg, the Upper sides, most of "Lost" (I'm easily infuriated by it)

The Yankees, The Mets, The Frick

Away messages, saying TK "is the new black", psuedo-intellectualism, intellectualism that rides above my own dim understanding of intellectualism

For the most part, Kubric (I'm SORRY! I must be too stupid! I just...don't love him like I should!)

Text messaging, Blackberries, making the bed

Bath products that smell like food (chocolate, vanilla), drinks that taste like bath products (I'm looking at you, expensive drink I had the other night that tasted like French lotion)


Anonymous said...

I never liked Rent either. It's ok. I won't tell anyone!

just me said...

I fucking hate Joanna Newsom.

She sounds like a baby combined with a mentally retarded person.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on all but Kubrick and asparagus. Acquired tastes? On, and don't forget re: intellectualism: "I've never been there but the brochure looks nice."