Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm...I'm...Mikey...I...I....I rock

The neverending music explosion is one I can bearly stop subscribing to. My own obsessesive quest for something different. How it informs our fashion, neighborhoods, eyewear, blank faces, whatnot. The globalization has made people cool, genre-spawn has made us all hotter. What's bad is good for bad's sake, and vice versa. Backlash to the backlash until we're not sure who we're supposed to support any more. What we like? But we like lame stuff like that one Kylie Minogue song that played that whole summer in Australia. Oh that was some sugarpill I could't swallow even without Victoria Bitters.

I'm getting my wisdom teeth yanked. At my old age. I'm a baby about it. Not for the pain, but because I'm going to miss these Cool Kids performances.

First at Studio B, then at the Museum of Natural History? What could be better?

For just a taste of this low-fi pixie dust, here's the track that's been haunting me all week. Repetition as invention and I'm behind it.

Kid Sister, the other (better) half of Chicago wave, hand dancing finger choreography by Kanye not included.

*Vintage* Alert: Check out this Cool Kids track: nailing bringing back "88".


Ha Ha Sound said...

Sorry to hear about your wisdom teeth, that sucks.

Here's my new music tip for you. I love this band:

just me said...

I feel like I should know who this band is...

But I'm never cool enough for indie music.