Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Snow Day

It’s holiday season time, and with the advent of eggnog and my constant joking about my/other people’s “hot toddies” comes all kinds of activity: ferocious shopping, office fetes, infiltration of a thousand santas, you know the drill.

But too comes something else,; tons and tons of Christmas music. And if you know me, if it isn’t on the only Christmas CD that matters, it might as well not exist.

So today, I’m listening, in, but not contained to, the holiday spirit, to the following hilarious playlist of predominantly European electropop music, what’s kept me dancing all 2007, in the hopes that though Paris is weeks behind me, the next time I’m there won’t be too far ahead at all, and that this year I can start a new tradition, of what exactly I’m not sure:

Tough Alliance “New Chance”

New Young Pony Club “The Get Go”

Crystal Castles vs. Health “Crimewave”

Krazy Baldhead “Applejuice”

Justice “DVNO”

Chromeo “Fancy Footwork” (Guns n Bombs remix)

Yelle “Je veux te voir”

Daft Punk “Music Sounds Better With You/One More Time “

Glass Candy “Rolling Down the Hills “

Bag Raiders “Nil by Mouth” (Reprise)

Rex the Dog “Circulate” (JBAG edit)

Alex Metric “Oh”


Anonymous said...

yay new music! thanks!

Ha Ha Sound said...

For a really good Christmas song, go to the Songs I Wish I Had Written website. Regina has a free song available for download there.


Molly said...

If you haven't heard it yet, Koxie -"Garçon" is my latest eurotrash play-on-repeat.

K said...

Ha ha and molly,

Thanks so much for the music! I'm such a dork for new songs. Please keep them coming!


Passionista said...

I only know that Daft Punk song, but I love it!

Anonymous said...

good stuff

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Can't help you on Christmas songs. I've been juggling Johnny Cash and Three Dog Night all evening...