Monday, October 01, 2007

To all the boys I love(d)

Our mix tastes just like Sunday night when the only light is the green glow of a dashboard. We’re driving* and the speakers are cracking too loud but we both like it that way and anything that is said is quickly drowned out by verse chorus verse and you not pushing up the window…

These are our songs, the songs that you don’t know are about us.

If this were a high school dance, I’d like to dedicate the following songs to the intangibles, what I miss and what I don’t:

The Presets “Girl and the Sea”

Menomena “Wet and Rusting”

Laura Veirs “Galaxies”

Greg Laswell “Sing, Theresa Says”

Spinto Band “Oh Mandy”

Calexico “Sunken Waltz”

dios (malos) “I want it all”

The Beta Band “Dry The Rain”

LCD Soundsystem “Someone Great”

Datarock “Princess”

3 of a Kind “Babycakes”

*—well you are, because you always drive, you never let me touch your car, and you shouldn’t, I’m a terrible driver, partly because every time we drive you remind me so and never let me touch the wheel, it’s a vicious cycle, really...

Today, what are your dedication songs?


Anonymous said...

I dedicate the following song to that chick that had a boyfriend:

black kids "i'm not gonna teach him how to dance with you"

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm anything that goes out to the ladies~

Ha Ha Sound said...

K, I'm dedicating Glorida by U2 (from their second album, October) to you. I was listening to it on my way to work this morning, and it's a great song for being 25 years old.