Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Quote of the Day

The celebration, round two, in the final hours of Passerby:

Her: “Come on, let’s go to (insert place that would only be farther away if it were in India).”

[REDACTED]: “Yeah, let’s go!”

Me: “But I (just got a drink with a lychee in the bottom/think this is the song I was talking about when no one was listening/am talking to a dirty Frenchman*).”

Her (frantically, as [REDACTED] winks): “Who cares? Let’s go!”

Me (motioning for her to come closer): “Hey, come here.”

Her (inching forward): “What?”

Me: “What did I tell you? What did I just tell you?”

Her (head down): “I know.”

Me (shaking her): “Don’t look directly into his eyes! Don’t you dare get lost in his eyes! Damnit!”

Her: “B-b-but, they’re the color of the perfect storm.”

* No offense intended for any dirty Frenchmen who may be reading this. You know I find you delightful. In fact; (me, motioning, making the international hand gesture for “call me sometime”).


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Anonymous said...

Who is redacted and how do I meet such a person with eyes like a stormy sea?

Anonymous said...

LOVE me some frenchies.