Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Less talking, more blogging


Come here, baby. Sit down. Let me light this here scented candle and set a soft glow. Aw yeah, that’s nice. It’s pumpkin. You know, for the season. You know how I like to get all seasonal up in relation time. Mmmm. Hmmmm.

Girl, look at that. Your type is all backlit and stuff. Just like I like it. You look so pretty when your type is hit just right by the flickers. Prettier even than the day we met. For real. Come here. Don’t be bashful. Shhhh. Less you talking about your day; more sweet, sweet meta.

I hear talking. What did I just say?

Sorry, baby. You just make me crazy sometimes. Crazy with love.

Come on, let me rub your html. I know it’s tired. Tired of waiting on me. I know, shhhh, baby I know. You’ve been waiting on me a long time and I haven’t been there for you. No, no. No need to get all up into that discussion right now.

Now I know what you’re thinking. I haven’t been there for you lately. You know how I know what you’re thinking? You tell me. A lot.

What, it was a joke! No I enjoy how much you like to communicate. No really. Hey, hey, I was not using a tone just then. Well, I’m sorry if you heard one.

I said sorry! What do you mean that wasn’t a real apology just because I conditioned it on an “if”? Sounds like somebody’s really learning a lot at Wednesday’s bi-monthly Blog Liberation Group meeting. No, I was not just making fun of your interests. Yes, I know you’re important too. Yes, we’ve all heard that you don’t “need an author” to “support” you.

Yep. Yes. Yeah. Uh huh.

I am listening! You just said that I don’t…do what I should be. Is that the gist of it?

Come on, I do respect you!

Really? We’re here again? No, seriously. I’m really asking. Can you please just stop for a minute and let me what I came here to do?

Oh boy, here come the waterworks.

Okay, so I haven’t been around. I haven’t been treating you right. But baby, this is temporary. Temporary on the way to the top. And I’m out there, busting my hump, trying to make it happen for us. I’m looking for an opportunity. For me, yes. But for us.

So chillax on it. I’ll be back to you, sweet thang. Taking you out like I used to. Showing you off. Snuggling and laughing with you until the day breaks. Just wait til I get my money right.

Now blow that out until you’re in the mood to do what we came here to do. I’m not made of pumpkin candles, you know.

Crazy job news and so I’ve been away. I’ll be updating you with stories as soon as I can…

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Ha Ha Sound said...

Not that I didn't appreciate the lovemaking/blog metaphor, but your last post was on Monday. Not sure that a two day break counts as being away. In any case, hope the job news is good.