Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Changing

With the all the festivities coming up, I can’t help but think about my taste in movies. There’s a problem with it. I’m...not sure it’s very good. People really like to judge each other on that. As if you can trade your penchant for chick flicks for obtuse foreign films made in the thirties. As if it really says something about your intelligence.

As if thinking The Descent is the best horror movie ever made makes me…er, you, a plebian. I mean, I think that Nosfuratu circa 1922 with no subtitles and only the sweet sweet lovesounds of the gorgeous language that is German is actually the best horror movie ever made. Yeah, yeah…

Fine, you got me. You already know that I wrote an application essay on T2 (and because of it I sailed on through to near MTV acceptance).

Thank goodness for the company of my friends, or else all I’d watch would be dance movies*, slashers and stoned-teenaged-antics-epics. And cartoons. Because of a certain someone, known in select circles (my head) as The Curmudgeon or Captain Gray Pants, I have seen the following artsy movies and loved them. They are sort of "changing" films. I thought a little bit differently about the world after watching each of them. I highly recommend them to you, with no pretense at all, for my paltry crash course in indie filmmaking or just your general enjoyment.

Duck Season.
I just saw this on Tuesday. It was fun, funny, heartwarming in the least annoying of ways. And the soundtrack kicks.

The Bothersome Man.
So what if the ending left me a little unsatisfied? I loved the antiseptic world they occupied. And if you were that strange kid in class who didn’t hate the ending of The Lady or The Tiger?, then you’re fine.

The Five Obstructions.
This movie, above the others, left me a little different for watching. It was as though I was given a window into an alternate universe and I didn’t have to close it to go back to my own life, I could keep it open and look through from time to time. And the animation in the middle is too cool for school.

Do you have world-changing movies? Please share…

*I am so incredibly excited for this, even though they keep pushing back the opening. If it’s half as good as Rize, I'm doing a happy dance already.


Ha Ha Sound said...

Recently saw Elephant on DVD. Was amazed.

Have seen Singin' in the Rain on the big screen. It changed how I look at cinema.

If you've never seen the movie Darling with Julie Christie (directed by John Schlesinger), do so ASAP.

Vertigo. Vertigo. Vertigo. Vertigo.

debo said...

"XXY". Movie wasn't that great, but it had, hands down, the most shocking sex scene I've ever, ahem, seen.

Another Twentysomething said...

My changing movie was "Dead Poets Society". Its carpe diem slogan gave me the conviction to jump off the high diving board at the pool when I was 13, the wilingness to move to the arctic as a twentysomething, and is the reason behind my writing.
Hmph! I dont think Ive told anyone that before!

C-47 said...

naked by mike leigh

C-47 said...

oooh shanghai express by wong kar wai

and anything by my herzog warner (esp. with kinsky in it)

maeko said...

Hi there! I don't remember exactly how I found your site, but I love your writing. I also love the fact that we are the same age (about), and are almost what we could call writers (though you're probably more of one than I).

I have linked you so that I can read you constantly while also directing my readers to your site. I'd appreciate a reciprocal link if you like what you read.

Thanks!! I'll be back for more commenting your future (and past) posts.