Thursday, August 30, 2007

Trading Up

“The number one rule in relationships has to do with trading up, not down.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that every time I get a new girlfriend, I make sure she’s better in some way than the last.”

“Like better for you? More in line with your goals and stuff? Huh. Actually that makes a lot of sense.”

“Well I guess so. That too. But I just meant hotter. And better in bed.”

“We’re not talking about this any more.”

“We’re not? Why?”

“Because your idiocy borders on brilliance.”


Anonymous said...

i think i may have heard you say this once before. did you switch the genders on this quote or what?

Anonymous said...

This is truly the golden rule.

bohémienne said...

So, at some point, if he doesn't 'settle down', he will run out... then what?

just me said...

i always upgrade.

...except when I'm drunk.

Finn said...

Wow, amazing how boys' minds work sometimes huh? Well, make that ALL the time.

debo said...

Everyone knows men get better with age, thus we upgrade, b/c WE CAN!

Grant said...

Lol. If men are like aged wine, then what are women to be compared with?

C-47 said...

.loaded question.