Monday, August 13, 2007

In the past 48 hours...

I joined a spiritual book club. No laughing.

I somehow had the apartment to myself and I wasted every minute of it. Particularly by re-watching my favorite new video* on BET.

I regressed with my freshman year dream team, was forced to dance with an overzealous partner, possibly invigorated by last week’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance and the shame was documented by aforementioned dream team, now dethroned, who then woke me up at 9:30 in the morning for no reason at all, to let me know said shame was still indeed documented, and would be shown in great detail later that day, thereby regaining their title.

I saw Weird Al Yankovic in my building’s lobby.

I tried not drinking and, after being heavily chastised, berated and pressured, stayed the course, perhaps exactly because of the incident(s) at Kate’s Joint. Does something embarrassing have to happen to me every single day? In a word; yes.

I learned a very important lesson at J Sisters, when the pintucked woman across from me squawked into her phone that her day would consist of a bikini wax, returning a purchase at Bendel’s, picking up her re-soled Prada shoes, and promptly going home to the pool because it was all so exhausting. And felt a little jealous. And then a little soulless.

I went on a very confusing date in which I realized I sort of missed someone and I sort of didn’t miss someone else…weekends in the summer have a strange star-quality and lately, they have been even more so.

*Anything involving Slick Rick and race-changing make-up gets an automatic two thumbs, sky-high.


Anonymous said...

You are so ghetto.

Love that.

An Unreliable Witness said...

I am in awe.

I am clearly also losing the art of how to make my life sound interesting enough.

I should get out more, yes.

Anonymous said...

um the video is priceless!

bohémienne said...

I'm tired just reading this.

Rothko said...

Wow. My comment's a little late (I'm a bit of a lazy blog reader) but thank you for the video link (and for making it clear how completely out of the loop I'm becoming in regard to pop music). I hadn't read to the end of the post yet and so I was pleasantly surprised when Slick Rick appeared. Made me want to find my old Doug E. Fresh/Slick Rick tapes.