Monday, June 18, 2007

The Secret

I just finished watching it and honestly feel a sea change (coupled with a few other things going on right now of course). You know I love the touchy-feely stuff, sure. But this really spoke to me. It made me feel really happy. And strangely powerful.

I had been inviting negative into my life by obsessively focusing on avoiding it instead of relishing all that I truly had to be thankful for and inspired by. Holding tight onto something instead of trusting it. Not forgiving what needed to be forgiven. And essentially, ruining it in the process. Driving it away, manufacturing bad feelings instead of positive ones. How lame of me, right? Well, clearly I didn’t know what I was doing.

Now, I think, I do. And I can release myself of the guilt of what I’ve done wrong, because I am almost certain I will not do it wrong in the future.

You can only force the bad in your life, not the good. If I had done things differently along the way is an empty thought that can’t be sated, so let’s let it pass for now.

Good things and only good things to come is all that I know now.

Have you watched this? Heard of it? Think it's a big scam? What are your thoughts either way?


Anonymous said...

Your attitude is pretty infectious.

I'm gonna check out "the secret".

How did you get so positive? I feel like if I were around you I would always be smiling or giving you a hug or something.

goodness gracious! said...

i just saw the trailer on the website. really? you really liked it? i'm sorry, but it reminded me of those kirk cameron "left behind" movies, only w/o the awesome previews for mrT's new kick ass (literally) jesus films. from the trailer, it looked totally unwatchable. really?

Anonymous said...

It IS a little cheesy. But I liked it! (FYI It's much better than the trailer--and costs 5 bucks to watch if you're bored).

I'm a huge dork! If Mr. T was in it, I would buy a million copies, though.


K said...

That last comment was from me--I still can't figure out how to post properly from myself...

dang fangled internet...made for whippersnappers I tell you...

C-47 said...

ok. so i imagined real hard that i didnt want to pay for this and yet still watch it and bang! thanks interweb.

so ima watch this and get back to yall.

Adrienne said...

I'm mildly curious- I'll admit. I fear it would be for me, all, "wow" "omg", "I'm going to change"! Then I'd forget the changes I wanted to make or and not be changed a month or two later. Is it like that, or does it really somehow work- I'll be curious to see how you're feeling about it/different in say, a month...

C-47 said...

ok so ive struggled though this "the secret" and im not sure how much of a secret this is. People have been getting rich on the self help vibe for years prescribing this method.
Now is it jive? Who the hell knows. Does keeping oneself in a state of perpetual self induced prozac-y optimism make one feel better. Sure does. Will it bring success? Probably, if for no other reason then you do not permit yourself the negative thoughts needed to realize a failure.
My main objection to the video (and i have to admit that I zoned a bit in and out after the first half hour/forty five minutes) is that the ultimate goal of this "powerful secret" seems to be hedonistic gains. I want that necklace, I need a huge house, I want free money I dont have to work for. It would seem to me that alot of the woes we feel tend to stem from this obsession with material gains.
My other irritation is the dumbing down of the basic concept. The idea being that (like the tarot , for instance) we are aligned in vectors. We are an algorithm. By taking certain actions we can alter that algorithm for positive or negative. The secret seems to disregard the possibility for the unknown, uncontrolled variable. Which, ok, drawn out on a long enough timeline (infinite one actually) tend to dissipate (perhaps). But the laws of the universe while ordered also seem to be a great deal of chaotic random. So when the dude talks about how that car accident is your fault cause you think negative it completely disallows for the possibility of the random act.
The random act is what gets most people through the awful times. The random variable is the "works in mysterious ways" b.s. that gets fed you.
So I ramble hear a bit. Its been a boozy weekend and the synapses arent all firing. I guess my point is "the secret" touches on some cool theoretical shit that exists out there. But it really is only that. Touching on it. Like really crappy cliff notes. And its kind of misleading, and asks you to assume certain things based on leaps of faith (which is always dangerous, and sort of lazy on the part of the maker and the watcher)
If you dug the secret then I would highly recommend; anything my Michio Kaku, two books by Brian Greene one called fabric of the cosmos, another one called elegant universe, Ray Kurtzweil's age of the spiritual machine, an author I cant remember but the book is holographic universe, if you are getting down on those top ones then schrodinger's cat and lastly
anything by stephen hawking.

Life and the universe, once you start really getting into what is being theorized now, is so much more beautiful and amazing then simply the power to acquire a rad necklace and some fly ass jeans.



p.s. this post is dedicated to phil dick and mr. vonnegut

C-47 said...

i should add that I don't disagree with the overall statement of the secret. positive thought seems to beget positive reponses. but this can lead to gross delusions of granduer and weird self righteous denial issues (see: our president, his cabinet)

C-47 said...

i thought of something else. how do vibes recognize language? like what distinguishes the i want a necklace vibe from the i want a car vibe? language is a baseless system. it exists because we all agree on it. tree does not mean tree in the way that pythagoras theorem always exists.



Anonymous said...

Ha! c-47, you make me laugh. I read (part) of the book. It seemed plausible until it went into "just believe you're 20 lbs. lighter and you will be." Dude (as in author), I ran a marathon last year, and I'm still not 125. So, fuck you!