Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Items for a Wednesday

HBO’s surfer boy promotion

A heater to counteract industrial workplace cooling, cold water in the bottle to counteract the heater

The Rosebuds and Oneida’s Busy Little Bee right after each other on free radio

A new apartment’s mutual yes and central air, a hero or two to help me move, just a little more square footage, the existence of an invisible closet

Belting this Ra Ra Riot Tee as a dress with metallic shoes and not caring how ridiculous it might look

Sky…cloudless…Ciao Bella…lineless…The Strand…markup-less…brain…useless for anything remotely limiting

Fast-forwarding to a weekend in the Berkshires, the shore, the Hamptons and the south of France

The old, circular contemplation of bangs

The feel of the sun from beyond a window, cleaning out pockets and finding a receipt from 2005, thumb tacks with themes, colored paper clips strewn all over the desk

Zoning in and out, spinning in a chair, clicking a pen one short of interrupting the meeting, giggling on a phone where everyone can hear

New emails from old friends, writing class starting up again, the realization that my book should be done by now, the constant online articles dismissing my dreams as a career on delete

Thursday and every day after


Anonymous said...

I would also add:

a nap

sparkling water or diet soda

a blanket and a book for the park

Good list!

Anonymous said...

I would trade diet soda for orange soda.

What can I say? I'm a weirdo!