Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sick, looking for an apartment, sick of looking for an apartment

I’ve been MIA lately and I’m sorry. Transitions have kept me from the page. I’ve been nursing a bad cold (or allergies? Which is worse? A cold in spring or the thought that I am actually allergic to spring itself? How nerdy of me!) and have been scouring this city for apartments far too early.

You and I both know I have an obsessive personality and though I am not moving until August, I feel as though this compulsion must be tended to now! Now! Now! Now!

Silly me, obviously nothing is open now for then. I know this and yet don’t. It kills me, I am a planner by nature, with the option to float spontaneous only between charted events, and to leave my fate up to fate is just not something quite comfortable to me.

I try to breathe deeply and then I wheeze through a rainbowed “productive cough”. I don’t take vitamins. I don't drink enough water. I don't sleep enough hours. I am stressed because my brain works in mysterious ways incongruent to my body. I slow down in action and speed up in anxiety. I could use a nap, some Tussin, a million dollars as usual.

I have a book to finish, a life to start, a year left to glean what I haven’t in four…now if only I could stop popping Tylenol like Pez...


Anonymous said...

Everyone's sick right now. But summer is around the bend and being in the city is a great thing. You will find the best place for you--you always have!

Good luck!!

theoriginalblowersdaugtr said...

This sick bug SUCKS. But careful: my doc told me mine was "just allergies," too. Come to find out I actually have a blood disease AND (hiterto undetected) vascular abnormalities that are exarcebating the symptoms. :-/

Not to freak you out at all, just to say: follow up and take care of yourself!! Feel better soon!

C-47 said...

and may K's hypochondria start.... NOW!

Rothko said...

This is going to sound like comment spam, but simply put: I like your blog. OK. That is all. Feel better.