Thursday, April 26, 2007


Benny’s burritos plus Caddyshack equals a cure-all for the depression of a rainy day.

For me, the others are:

Speed Scrabble with the windows open to invite in the sound and smell of drops

Crossed-legged, couch cushions on the floor in a poorly made fort

Feeling perfectly justified in skipping Ab class and poor posture

Fantasy vacation planning, refreshing the prices and hoping the numbers go down, even by one dollar

Tivo and the idea of having to “make-up” shows as an assignment( Planet Earth at the top of the list)

The memory of baths, the reality of a long shower, moisturizer that smells of mangoes

Homemade manicures and peeled cucumber masks, cotton balls, cotton clothes

Delivered snacks, half bottles of wine, forgotten videos and new inside jokes

The idea of daily hospital corners and a folded blanket on the bed but never getting up to actually do it

The following New York-based course catalogues and guides: Parson’s, SVA, The French Culinary Institute, Time Out, a fresh highlighter and a mission


Found journals, lost to-do lists, debit cards with overdraft protection

Two popsicles left in the freezer and four hours left of the night


What are yours?


Anonymous said...

PJ bottoms and lots and lots of wine.

JamiDru said...

Hmm. I've very recently begun to label any reference I make to The Little Prince as cure-all. Sometimes I just need to be reminded to look at the world in more simple terms, as like a child.
Another is gazing at pictures that one of my best friends took of our last year of school (side walk chalk, black and white parities, midnight kickball, cramped dingy kitchens with a crowded table), they remind me of all the friendships or adventures I might simply stumble upon.

Another Twentysomething said...

Oh these sound so comfy and fun! You sound like the most fun roomate. Can I steal some ideas? I feel like home-made face masks and manicures are supposed to stop being fun after eighth grade, but I still relish in them so. :)

c-47 said...

i just threw up in my mouth a little at how girly this post and above replies were.

honestly, i am going to need intensive multi phase cootie shot procedures. and i dont have health insurance so this is gonna cost me.

thanks k. i'll be hanging sheet rock while drinking bourbon from a hip flask, air guitaring to the nuge the whole time. totally kickin ass if anyone needs me.

thethinker said...

I love Speed Scrabble! I don't have enough patience to stick through regular Scrabble.

Broady said...

Not to add to the "cootie load" here, but a pedicure with vapid fashion magazines are bullet proof mood enhancers. That and a Vicodin chased with a nice glass of Viognier at sunset. That lightens the mood, too.

Props to C-47. "the nuge"? classic!

D.T. said...

Mine would be...a fluffy, fleece blanket, a bowl of hot, buttery popcorn and any old movie on the TMC channel...