Friday, March 09, 2007

Decision time? Maybe.

Dates that involve strong cocktails and lobster sandwiches at The Mermaid Inn must always be fantastic (I’m guessing, this was my first time at one of those beautiful little places just down the block, maybe a little too close, as though that’s an excuse for never having gone) but for some reason mine was especially great.

And too formal apparently, but I had new earrings and my mother’s favorite saying in mind (“Better to be overdressed than underdressed—always.” This may explain why our Easters always consisted of newly purchased hats.).

The oysters before, the chocolate mousse afterwards, and somewhere in between I became full and full of joy, even in the middle of a harrowing life change, one way or another. Job vs. school. Relationship vs. alone. These things are not at odds with one another. There is time for all, there is no exclusivity of following any.

I’m starting to feel at ease.

It’s not just the time shift this weekend. It’s because I’ve made a decision to make a decision. I can’t make apologies for changing my mind; I do it too often. But at least the path that I’m on, I will have written the map.

Good feelings abound, the universe is crystalline with a fruit puree rimmed martini glass in hand. Things change and I change, too.


PLD said...

Power of positive thinking, K. Glad to read this vibe. And confidence is great for the complexion, too. Enjoy the weekend.

Anonymous said...

A favorite saying of a father seems appropriate:
Changing your mind just proves you have one.

Cheers to your good feeling, and enjoy the pleasent patience it brings.

LisaBinDaCity said...

Dang, your mama sounds downright Southern ;-)

Buffy said...

Does your mother's mantra apply to third graders who wait until their own mother is stuck in the hospital with a sick brother to wear her 1980s-tastic black and gold evening gown complete with heels and fur coat to school?

The gold was metallic and the fur skimmed my ankles. Just in case you're wondering.

Jay said...

Sounds lovely.
I totally agree with the overdressed bit. Never a bad thing.