Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Blinking, but here…my life has returned, save for the five or so applications I need to get out the door. Classes have halted, weekends are back, and right now there is the faintest blow of snow on my windowsill. This is a new year, and, arbitrary timepieces aside, it feels like a new chance for viewing the world.

I’m not used to such surroundings. My clothes put away in neat stacks, blood oranges atop the counter, a sparkling chain hanging from a pink perfume bottle… the quiescence is palpable. Lunch plans crop up. Australian movie premieres and drinks. Deciding to like…or not…whatever and whoever…if the mood strikes right. Dark nail polish, olives and a throaty laugh are in season again.

It’s warm inside and the sky slants blue. In 2007 I no longer subsist on heartache and bad coffee. Instead I feed off osmosis of everything around me. Anything can be soaked up as long as it’s long as it's possible...


Anonymous said...

Hooray for getting lives back!

Lynn said...

My, how optimistic! Um, I'll have what your having.