Friday, December 08, 2006

Bottom Five

For some reason…I’m noticing things I don’t like today. As in annoying, get under my skin stuff. Drumroll please...

5. When they count in the song. Especially when they add an “uh” to the beginning of the numbers. As in “and uh one, uh two, uh one, two three!” Extra annoyed points for saying uno, dos, tres if the artist isn’t a native Spanish speaker. Come on, dude. Just stop it.

4. People who REFUSE to move when they are in front of doors, blocking the exit. Love this one particularly in elevators. We stop at a floor, you and your stupid briefcase are in everyone’s way, yet you stand there like a dingbat, blinking with this glorious “Who me???” look on your face when I shove you from behind. The button that made the elevator stop on this floor was pressed for a reason, now quit making me even grumpier that I have to be as I'm already well aware I'm going in to work.

3. Fergie’s humps.

2. That Dunkin’ Donuts coffee commercial with that ‘indie riff’ with all those actors with shaggy haircuts and hip glasses to make them seem ‘real’ who can’t decipher the language in which they are ordering their coffee, in song no less, “Is it French, or is it Italian? Maybe it’s Fritalian?” (At Dunkin’ Donuts, you order your coffee in English! So come on down!) I really hope no one abroad sees this, because it’s some heavy making-fun-of-Americans fodder right there. I mean, I hate Fourbucks with the best of them, but seriously, it’s not that hard to order a ‘latte’ instead of a ‘coffee with half milk’ is it?

1. Whiny twenty-something bloggers who have nothing better than to spit toxic instead of celebrating their good fortune. Oh…wait...

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Anonymous said...

I hate people being so shocked that Union Square (just below 42nd St for most irritating places in NY) was the scene of a fatal stabbing the other day. If heads were removed from asses long enough to learn about your neighborhood you'd know the highshool on Irving had some of the highest incidents of violence in schools over the last five years.

Also I hate my love for the Post's headlines lately. Surrender Monkeys? Hilariously inappropriate.