Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What I Want From Autumn

Apple cider, cold over hot, with the lip of the jug iced

Cashmere and wool blend blankets strewn over couch cushions and laps

A hissing fire outside in a pit, spitting sparks

Blue-yellow beginnings and orange-brown nights

A new backpack, or, really, the need for a new backpack and fresh notebooks


Cream-based soups in heavy crockware

200 almost-perfect pages

Scarves, boots, sweatercoats with crossed leather buttons

Halloween decorations, preparations and too much candy

Fuzzy socks with bottom grips to pad around the house

Drives though dappled-jewel afternoons

Overzealous pumpkin picking, Indian corn and gourds

Sensations of the wind whipping slightly against ruddy cheeks

Watching pick-up rugby in layers

Planning the Thanksgiving menu, then eating the spoils

Orange water boiling on the stove filling the house with fragrant fumes

Tea with milk

Scenes sketched with sepia charcoal

Photographs grinning wildly as we run to catch each moment before it fades


Anonymous said...


D.T. said...

I was amazed when backpacks suddenly caught on with urbanites a decade or so ago. I thought the whole Appalachian Trail look didn’t really translate to Fifth Avenue, but when the public fancies a look, what are you gonna do, right? Well, normally, I'd say to just go along with it, but backpacks and suits are such a major faux pas, that I must give my two cents. I know there are legitimate reasons for backpacks, especially the chiropractic health of kids burdened with books, but urban backpackers can be really annoying in tight quarters. They never seem to realize the impact of their appendage. Briefcases don’t have to be uptight, but they do have disadvantages. Unless they have a shoulder strap, which few do. That's why I opt for a nice suede messenger bag. Like one from Jack Spade. Of course, I'm a guy, so maybe you should go with Kate, instead. It’s the perfect compromise between a briefcase and a backpack, that wont make you compromise your look!

Another twentysomething said...

Aww..you're right! The end of summer really isn't THAT bad! Thanks for giving me reminders of what things I love as well, that I can look forward to. (Pumpkins and layers and tea with milk ndeed)

Miss Scarlett said...

Oh wow, you have no idea how exciting this list is for me!

Kathryn said...

i adore your lists. i'm a listmaker, myself.

debo said...

Today is the first day of Spring in Argentina. High schoool kids have the day off and they pass the time exchanging flowers and making out.