Thursday, July 27, 2006

Stress and other inconveniences...

When I am somebody, I vow I will negate stress with a plunge pool replete with pool boy fanning me with a banana leaf, French lemon soda, and deep tissue massages, perhaps given by said pool boy.

Because I am nobody, I negate stress with an electric fan, the mailroom guys shouting “Juancha” as I slump past, and warmed Diet Pepsi.

I’m feeling stressed. This job stuff is nuts, but it's out of my hands nuts. I worry too much, I absorb it all, I shake off too little. I don’t like that part of my personality. My better half has this incredibly infuriating and enviable manner about him, which I’d give my future pool boy for. This, “What? Me worry?” attitude, this “If I can’t change it, then I don’t think about it” countenance.

So much so, that when he gets a parking ticket, it bothers him for minutes, his flashes of road rage are contained in the moment, and he has a perpetual golden retriever grin.


He gets it.

I do not.


mamak said...

I don't have it either, that “What? Me worry?” attitude.
I really, really, really wish I did. I just don't .. can't.

Another twentysomething said...

you know what though? I'd consider myself one of these zen-ers. I got in a car crash and stood on the sidewalk trying to breathe deeply and calmly as I looked at the wreckage. It worked that day. It came back full force this week when I had the anxiety of a jewish mother when doing my driving test. It's all relative, I guess. Have a drink on me at the end of your work day, will ya?

taza said...

"the power of now"
it's a bit thick but really, really good information.