Thursday, July 13, 2006

Instead of being productive...

Time-killers, for when I should be doing something else:

MSN’s money and career sections, respectively.

Peeling quarters from inside drawers to purchase white cheddar popcorn from the vending machine.

Furiously scrolling through my DVR for something recorded other than The Simpsons and Medical Incredible, both of which I thought I would want to watch all of the time until I actually had to.

Misting the plants on our balcony. Pinching the tomato stems and inhaling the fresh scent on my fingers.

Creating folders of fun, city stuff to do from magazine and newspaper clippings. Then losing it.

Gap Body, imdb, Yahoo Radio, lipgloss, Papyrus, the windows on Fifth and Madison, re-reading, lying on the grass of Bryant Park.

Regarding the pile of dry-cleaning that needs to be hauled across the street, then shoving it to the bottom of the hamper.

Un-bending plastic-coated paper clips.

Looking up recipes, before realizing the actual cost of saffron, scallops, or baby bok choy.

Trying to decipher post-it notes to myself, the ones scrawled with the bands the kids, you know, the kids, keep talking about.

Spritzing the counters with disinfectant and wiping with paper towels, taking out the garbage but not taking it downstairs until I absolutely have to.

Blogging about nothing, buying too much yogurt, sitting on top of the blanket, bothering him, finding my cell phone, wondering where I put that monthly fashion check.

Lusting after others’ dogs. Every single one.

Flipping through the real estate section, skimming the course offerings, languishing for art supplies, bemoaning success while secretly coveting it.

Advising friends on relationships, editing others’ “Dear John” letters and shamelessly getting excited about it.

Thinking about going into Starbucks, wanting to like coffee more, pretending to.

That’s what I’ve got so far. Any suggestions to add?


Anonymous said...

Reading your blog is a big time-killer for me.

That and napping.

Cheetarah1980 said...

damn, anonymous said it before I could.

Melissa said...

Same here. I also go to travel websites and set up fantasy vacations.

Another twentysomething said...

You sure like lists, don't you? :) My fave time killers are reading blogs, cleaning, sketching, painting and repainting my toenails, face masks and inventing new pasta dishes from my meagre but budding food cupboards.

Anonymous said...

Great idea, m. I think I'll set up some fantasy vacations at work today!

Virginia Belle said...

ooh. good list. i like to do my nails, read magazines, organize stuff, take walks and play with my dog. those are all good time killers for me. unless i'm reading blogs. which is probably #1 on my list!

p.s. you should get a dog. i waited 5 years to get one, and now that i have one, i can't believe how long i waited! it has been the best experience ever. he makes me laugh every day. he's my buddy. don't wait! you are missing out!

K said...

20 something, you got me, I do love lists--that's another one of my dorky time wasters--I find it's less daunting than trying to write a story, a fun way to fit together a bunch of things that maybe aren't totally cohesive...but still end up being fun to write, and hopefully to read...

vb--I want a dog so much! But my multiple roommates...not sure how it would work.

Lynn said...

Reading blogs #1, Commenting on blogs #2. Lately I have been looking for jobs, nervously checking my dwindling checking account.

themarina said...
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themarina said...

My time killers include (but are not limited to):

-The Movie Blog
-Looking for the perfect appartment closely followed by
-Dreaming up ways to afford said appartment

taza said...

i can play solitare for an astonishingly long time. that and free cell. hmmm, i also talk to my long distance boyfriend many times a day, even when i have nothing important to say.
lately i've begun using some of my "downtime" to visualise having all the things i really want, like a huge bank account, lots of money in my wallet, no credit card bills, wonderful health, playful relationships, and lots of happiness and joy in all aspects of my life. THAT is not a time-waster, but a future-builder!

mamak said...

K ~I have watched your writing progress and it now seems to soar effortlessly across the page. You might change your name – you are far more than *almost* literary!

NotCarrie said...

I want everyone's puppy:(

Adam said...

Oh wow. The one time I've been to Manhattan, I spent nearly an entire day sitting around in Bryant Park. It was glorius. I'd read for a few hours, then get out my laptop and check a few things off my todo list... then go back to reading.