Friday, June 02, 2006

Is it okay to...?

Suddenly and by a slapping jolt, fall head over heels for my gay Pilates instructor? Nevermind his sinewy stance, the reverse triangular of his shoulders, or his ever-so-slight-and-perfectly-crafted-East-Village-Mohawk. Give that to the other girls and boys. I’m in love with his attitude. The words he said were just so unexpectedly heavenly, I couldn’t help it. He's a modern-day take on my favorite children's story. The one of the girl who was rewarded for being kind to the disguised fairy by forever having an enchanted mouth. Every time he spoke, roses, pearls and gems fell from his lips.

Exhibit A: a smattering of what he said during my first class last night:

I want to make you comfortable.

If you feel stressed or tense, just breathe, and we will calm down together.

There is nothing more important than how you feel.

Are you a dancer? You are? I can definitely tell.

If you ever need to take a break, just tell me. Whatever you can do is amazing.

I’m so glad you came.

I want to see you again. Next week, same time.

(Best. Boyfriend. Ever.) (Sigh.)

Next time I’ll suggest he start a class catering only to newly heart-broken women at $20 bucks a pop. He’ll make a fortune.


ThursdayNext said...

I love all of this alliteration, K. Sinewy, stance, spattering, slapping.

This instructor sounds like a keeper. ;) Mine is a bitch. She makes us to jumping jacks. Bitch.

debo said...

Perhaps I'm a bit biased, but I think TS is pretty rad.

pookalu said...

(damn you commenting, it deleted my comment AGAIN!)

as i said before, i think you should include the seemingly perpetually single gals in that group!

themarina said...

hehe. He does sound like the best boyfriend ever. I'd pay money to have my guy talk to me like that. I love D but sometimes, he needs some help expressing himself verbally.

Have a wonderful weekend!

GeminiWisdom said...

LOL. The gay guys always know what to say.

Cheetarah1980 said...

heartbroken? Did you and your boyfriend break up? I'm so confused. I'm thinking if he's gay there's not a chance in hell this can go anywhere. But I could be wrong.

d34dpuppy said...

he can b ur best friend 2 go shopping with!

Laura said...

Any player learns to say all the right things but what does this particular man do? He schmoozes 20 other girls right to your face, sees guys behind your back, and makes your muscles ache in so not that right way. ;)

mamak said...

Falling for a gay man is always ok, as long as you are ok with investing in a 9v friend! LOL! They do make the best forever friends though and they generally tell you the truth about things .. more than you can say for straight men or girl friends!

Serena said...

"Whatever you can do is amazing." I want something thats wakes up to me every morning and says that.