Monday, June 19, 2006

The Divide

Never before had I felt genuine jealousy towards a child until this moment.

From behind, her small, shiny head snaps with each syllable.





Colored pencils fling down, a half-scribbled page of the picture book hangs, limp on the ledge of the serving tray, pushed aside by an intrusive slice of yellowed French toast, piped and speckled with brown, flanked by jeweled strawberries—oversized rubies really—growing thin, emerald stems.

A smile stretches, whitened teeth, an updo.

“Would she rather have an omelet?” The long neck in loafers asks.

This is a caste system, I’m merely a visitor, the rear’s bathroom line snaked long through the butt of the plane.

The front line’s wait is roomier and offers a snapshot, the other half’s idiosyncrasies.

The family knows nothing of meritocracy, preferring instead a blanket reaction for want of this and want of that.

The omelet appears simultaneous with the burnout of the “occupied” light.

Inside the bathroom, blue swirly water and florescent buzz, scratchy facial tissue, the weak, lukewarm tap.

Out, to borrow another moment from first class is an impossibility, as impatient passenger full of diet soda stand in wait, and in the way.


Mon Dieu! said...

I hear that first class is 'reel niiice'. At least that's what they say...I myself may never know :)

Anonymous said...

Oh the brattiness of the rich...

Cheetarah1980 said...

I flew first class once. I don't remember it being very special. maybe because I slept through the flight.

That kid sounds like a brat. If that was me, my mother would've beat my ass and made me finish the french toast.

Laura said...

I understand the jealousy, but her parents aren't doing her any favors. With an attitude like that, life can only ever disappoint, and she's well on her way to becoming a miserable woman.

Buffy said...

Your best post yet.

mamak said...

Fab post! Wish I could BOLD that!
I was once upgraded to first class (FC). I got champagne & fresh OJ .. it was terrific, especially since it was the 1st time I flew alone.
I must admit no small amount of jealousy when I see those in FC, especially when I have kids - all of that room would be TERRIFIC!

Gina said...

Speaking of jealousy...I want to write like you when I grow up.

Pink Lemonade Diva said...

the only time I've ever been upgraded was my shortest flight ever. Great though! Nice post, boy does it capture that divide.