Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A few of my favorite things

I never was partial to the song, but I love the message. Below, my additions:

Watching a video at home, passing a bowl of salty, butter-slathered popcorn

Fresh notebooks, weighty pens, small Post-its

Saddle leather, boot polish, horse brushes, bundles of hay, bags of feed

Whipped potions and creamy creams in glass bottles, perfume sprays, jewelry boxes filled with strands of pearls and gold studs

Conversations at 2 a.m., preferably in a pub, bed, or middle of a field

A full bodied red, or a crisp white, depending on the occasion

Crystal chandeliers, corduroy messenger bags, satin and grosgrain ribbons, plastic beads

My dad’s cigars and cologne, my mother’s scarves and lipstick, my extremely un-hip, but worn-to-perfection painting jeans

A Boxing Day party, book club, the Kentucky Derby

Thick soup and cold breadsticks, margherita pizza, meatballs in the wintertime

Thickly spread triple cream French cheese, citrus sorbet, homemade gazpacho in the summertime

The front of the line, the top of the tree, the bottom of the boat

Pressing apple cider, sweeping the porch, chasing the dog, scaring the cat

Freshly waxed wood, scrubbed grout, bleached bathtubs, plates still hot with dishwasher steam

Free samples, sample sales

A found newspaper on the train, good graffiti, lopsided street signs

Articles on entertaining/money-saving tips/travel/relationships

The classics, carved marble, Roman noses

The chirp of “peepers” on a clear summer night, sleeping sound machines, Australian rainsticks

Salt-dried hair and sand-dusted feet after a day at the beach

Pajama pants, an empty bed with cold pillows and a warm duvet

Striped headbands, solid canvas and linen, patterned tights

Cheeks sore from laughing, gliding my tongue over polished teeth after the dentist, light back scratches

That new car smell, wood fires, rubber cement, scented wax

Monogrammed stationary in white and acid green, rolls of stamps, a real letter

Favors, wagers: both paying up and cashing in


Turtle Guy said...

That's quite the list - thanks for sharing...

has me thinking...

themarina said...

I used to carry a notebook and pen with me everywhere. Over the years, I've stopped doing that and have, instead, been trotting around with a palm. On the odd occasion tough, I still feel the urge to capture something on paper. This is a habit I may have to indulge in again.

Wonderful list.

shellz said...

Nice list. You've had some great experiences. Free samples are the best. As is crawling under a thick duvet onto cold sheets, and warming it up with your body heat, That's got to be one of the best feelings on earth!

mamak said...

"Thickly spread triple cream French cheese, citrus sorbet, homemade gazpacho in the summertime " ... you captured it for me right there ... and of course the cold pillow ... I love that!
Terrific post!

Madame DeBarge said...

Must have notebook and pen at all times.
And real letters-though they're rare, that makes them even more special.

debo said...

...receiving a good mixed CD, "cool couples", future plans to meet in an exotic locale.

Easy Diver Chris said...

My favorite:

Heard on NPR's "All Things Considered,"

Putting on jeans still warm from the dryer

Buffy said...

Warm duvets, Boxing Day and a full-bodied red.

Now that rocks.

Anonymous said...

oooh lovely...

Oob said...

Thanks for the smile, and moment of escaping the monotony.

Cheetarah1980 said...

My favorite thing right now is The Pistons.

I too love the smell of rubber cement. I used to sniff it when we used it in art class. That could explain a whole lot.

CM said...

Slipping into a hot tub with a crispy bottle of beer after a long day of skiing

Another twentysomething said...

K, you make me laugh. But more importantly, your post sent me on a scavenger hunt through my memories and apartment, thinking up the things that make me smile and feel warm. Now that I've listed mine, it's like they'll be more easily recognizable for me to enjoy more fully.

ThursdayNext said...

K, you had me at Roman noses.
Bravo on a beautiful post. I hope you enjoy some of your favorite things this holiday weekend. Cheers!