Thursday, May 11, 2006

The About List

I’m envious of others’ “about” lists. So here’s my own. I’m starting with fifty and working my way up.

1. All pets in my house have had very strange names. Laffete, Zydeco, Zephyr, Zen, Luca, Jellicoe. The only pets I’ve named were when I was six: two cats--Peaches and Cream.

2. I’m double-jointed. Thumbs and toes.

3. I’ll eat just about anything and like it, except for tiny whole fried fish, orange sea urchin goo, and polenta.

4. The sound of tapping rain on windows always lulls me to sleep. Also, the backseat of a car as we ride over a bridge, morning meetings, and hot afternoon baseball games.

5. I refer to bad special effects as “like 1996”.

6. I learned how to make a mean tomato sauce through many experiments in a cramped Florence apartment with sautéed spinach, whole tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, and spicy sausages from the market square.

7. I applied to be a zookeeper at the Bronx Zoo, but they never called me back. Even though I clearly printed on my application that I was willing to clean any cage necessary.

8. Shopping makes me feel better. No matter if it’s peep-toes, art supplies, or books.

9. I’ve gone to two middle schools, three high schools, and attended semesters at four different colleges.

10. I save folded notes of praise and encouragement to reread when everything feels impossible. Though I never can find them when they’re really needed.

11. When I am old and successful, I vow to give every single inexperienced kid who asks and is willing to work hard, a chance. I don’t understand why people in power usually aren’t willing to mentor someone who wants to break in but doesn’t have the country club connections.

12. I like boy-movies like T2, Predator, and Fight Club. I also love watching Food Network, particularly Barefoot Contessa. She’s always doing something delicious with lemons, asparagus, or biscuits.

13. Everytime my hair grows past my elbows, I cut it all off, and get really distraught with the results.

14. I’m a bad driver, made worse by the easy access of public transportation in the city and semi-controlling boyfriends who love their cars. But I love driving through winding country roads in the summer, whipping past green with all the windows down.

15. My first word was “no”.

16. I approve of plastic surgery if it makes you feel good and you’ve tried everything else. I especially approve of enjoying trashtastic plastic surgery shows and not being ashamed.

17. I was on the swim team when I was six, painting when I was eight, and riding horses at twelve.

18. I wish the following things were acceptable: sweatshirt dresses and jeans at work, daily naps, mandatory birthday vacations, singing in public, portable heaters, French fries from Shake Shack for breakfast.

19. I wish the following things were not acceptable: eating while on the subway, derogatory names, kissing up, full-time anything, all-nighters, extremely expensive purses, pricey drinks light on alcohol, bragging.

20. My bark is worse than my bite. Though I typically bite off more than I can chew.

21. At my first real media party, Pink signed my cleavage. At my second, Adam Brody asked, “what I was doing later”. I haven’t had as great of a story since.

22. The prerequisite for anyone who dates me is that he must give good foot (rub). Followed closely by being witty and loving animals.

23. Though funny, smart, and pretty are lovely descriptors, I secretly lust after being called talented.

24. I love the smell of cut grass, tomato vines, lavender, peonies, fresh laundry, hot coffee, pumpkin pie.

25. I love the taste of grapefruit, strawberries, cherries, avocados with balsamic, garlic and mozzerella, cold clementines, vanilla yogurt, and unsweetened iced tea.

26. I love the sight of stacked book spines, a made bed, flowering gardens, umbrellas for the sun, crashing surf, and moss on my mother’s antique stone benches.

27. I’m a packrat. I hold ripped pictures, single-wrapped pieces of gum, and various coins in all of my handbags.

28. I always wanted an older brother. But I love my younger one.

29. I wish I had one of the following careers: marine biologist, novelist, sous chef, artist, teacher, surfer, designer.

30. I’m not that fond of old movies, particularly those in black and white, no matter how hard I try to be that girl.

31. I have lots of jewelry but I never wear any of it. My grandmother’s sapphire ring, my mother’s ruby earrings, my own gold watch gifted to me on my 21st birthday…I just don’t feel like I’m old enough to wear it yet, I’m scared that I will break it all.

32. I think I’m a good listener, advice-giver, and dancer. Also, bathroom cleaner, menu planner, photographer, multi-tasker, and mess-maker.

33. I went to religious sleep-away camp and was not asked back.

34. I learned to drive stick on a tractor at a banana farm in backwood Australia.

35. I live my life in spurts. Creative, happy, inquisitive, productive, and sometimes, lonely.

36. I’ve never tried POM juice because I don’t like the bottle’s shape.

37. I go off on tangents. All of the time. And I say too many words when I shouldn’t say any.

38. Even when I was a little girl, I would pick the most expensive item in the store, without looking at the price tag, as the one I wanted. I remember this best when picking out an Easter dress, and slipping my fingers over flowered satin when my mother asked me to choose.

39. I like yellow roses tinged with pink and orange, nicely wrapped packages, wooden boxes, wheelbarrows filled with earth.

40. I think everyone looks better with freshly washed hair, bare feet, and slight sunburn.

41. I admire New Yorkers who are polished and can navigate in the West Village. Also those who go on spa and ranch vacations.

42. Pet peeves are poor grammar (though mine’s far from perfect), interrupting (ditto), and people who look over your shoulder for other people at the party (this, I never do).

43. My net worth is nearly nothing, but I also have no debt.

44. I often get myself involved in life-threatening situations (on the catamaran dragging on treacherous coral reef in the middle of the Dominican Republic, falling asleep in a tube in the Cape, riding donuts on iced parking lots).

45. I believed in another character besides Santa and the Tooth Fairy. He was the Golden Mosquito, he would reward me with a toy in the kitchen when I was good for the babysitter, and he looked just like C3PIO from Star Wars.

46. I believe that everyone deserves a second, third, and fourth chance.

47. I try to believe everything happens for a reason, but that reason is never revealed until many months or years later.

48. My friend and I pierced our tongues in high school, just to spite our parents. It worked.

49. I want to live a good and honest life, whether doing something I love, helping other people, or generally making this world a better place.

50. I love stationary stores, vegetable markets, dog runs, hot chocolate in outdoor cafés, walks around the block, scary stories and campfires, dangling my legs into a pool, fleece blankets in winter, the Fourth of July, fountains, and learning something new.


AmourArmor said...

Every time I let my hair grow out down my back, I cut it all off (usually with about an inch or two in length), and I always regret it. Swear I'll never do it again. Three years later, same deal.

I just never learn...


debo said...

You're one of the few people I know who lives a good life and you will no doubt have a positive effect on our world. In fact, I think you already have. $0.02

pookalu said...

ok -- no. 13 -- have you ever donated your shorn hair?

no. 32 -- LOVE. love clean bathrooms. i make a ritual of doing my own. a bit compulsive about it...

themarina said...

I love these lists. Mine is mostly one word answers but I enjoyed reading your a lot more. Doing it in two parts works out much better!

Thanks for the well wishes on the trip too. I'm very excited (as if you couldn't tell?!?!)!!

Melanie said...

Beautiful blog. I love your writing style. And smart cookie for not having any debt! Keep it that way! :)

Janet said...

No debt is a lovely feeling. We paid all ours off this year. Yay!

Loved the list.

Cheetarah1980 said...

yours is the first list I actually read from start to finish. You even make lists literary. You're so freakin talented.

mamak said...

I have read several of these lists and have pondered making my own ... yours has set me back a bit now because there is nooo way I can ever write one as clever as yours.
Good, honest, stuff.
Please, please keep writing .. I really enjoy it!

K said...

Jae--I never learn with the hair thing either, but to answer pookalu--yes, this past time I gave it to Locks in Love, so it was 100% worth it and I plan on donating for the rest of my life.

Debo--seriously one of the nicest things ever said to me--is it selfish of me to miss you when you embark on taking over South America?

themarina--i like your one words better. have a great trip!

melanie--thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate it.

janet--I'm obsessed with reading about debt and money-management--do you have anything that you like reading?

cheetarah and mamakraft--always, you guys just make me want to stop everything to keep writing.

debo said...

No, it's not selfish. I'm going to miss the two of you as well. Fiesta next Saturday. Hope you can make it.


You're weird therefore you're magic.

Ta f't visit t'mine.

The Tiddley One (again)

Serena said...

Yay! Love these lists.

GeminiWisdom said...

Ditto what cheetarah said. My would look boring compared to yours. It's different from the ones I've seen. But much better

Oob said...

Great list, K. Intriguing, humorous and inspiring all at the same time.

ThursdayNext said...

I am with you on most of the items on the "not acceptable" list, especially eating on the subway. Eeech. I must say that I like my purses ridiculously, nay, ludicrously overpriced. ;)

Jessie said...

Wow! That's quite a list! For some reason, I especially like #6...but it was a hard contest. :)

Noah said...

I went to one middle school, and six high schools.

I keep my hair short, like really short.
It's easier that way.

My first word was "bravo" I was at a revival of "Chicago" with my mother.

I like things that are tart as opposed to sweet. I like people who are tart as opposed to sweet as well LOL

I love to watch cheesy dating shows.

Sylvia said...

I love this list. Thank you for making me smile. I think if you lived near me, we'd be great friends. :)