Wednesday, March 01, 2006

You mean you've never...?

Since arriving in the city, I’ve heard friends that I thought I knew morph into beautiful creatures with shrunken hearts. Their chatter is limited to celebrity gossip (themselves believing that they are one), haute couture, hotspots, jet-setting, and money, money, money.

Just a sampling from the mouth of brats--words spoken with an air of disgust and a quick roll of eyes--what they’ve said to people we’ve known, their superiors, and, of course, to me:

“You mean you’ve never heard of…

-The Five O’Clock Heroes??

-Level V??


-JT Leroy??


“You’re wearing that, here?”

“Ever since Lindsay Lohan got word of it, this place is so over.”

“I saw this/them/the band over a year ago and thought it/they/the band sucked.”

“Who said that was cool again? It’s not.”

“I’m just not sure you’d fit in.”

“Well, I’m different than you. I can’t explain how I did it; you’d never be able to. Don’t even try.”

“Sorry, you can’t come in.”

What happened to everyone who wore flip-flops and jeans at summer BBQs, everyone who didn’t know what they wanted and how to get it, everyone who didn’t prefer Megu cocktails, MisShapes, and the Soho house pool above friends, family and bad television?


D.T. said...

It's sad, huh? Sad, that the people we once knew are no longer the people we knew them as... Change totally sucks, but it's an inevitable thing that we cant stop. Yeah, it's sad that your friend are now creatures with shrunken hearts, but in a way it's a good thing. Cuz now you know what you want in a friend. Just remember that a friend would call you a retard, but a best friend would call you one and act like one with you.

K said...

Hahahah--so true d.t. so true...

and it's not all of them...just some!

Adam said...

You need to move to Seattle. Summer here is such a treat after 4 months of almost-constant drizzle, that we don't have the time to be pretentious.
Seattle is a jeans+tshirt+flipflop kind of town. And we BBQ all the time at my house... and I can't imagine that we're some sort of "special case."

Although, in the winter... its a rainjacket+jeans+goodshoes kind of town.