Friday, March 31, 2006

Items for a good mood...

Lengthy updates via email from cross-country friends

The very last sniffle of a cold

A found twenty-dollar bill

Cold lemonade or hot tea, depending on the weather

Sample subscriptions to magazines boasting implicit simplicity

A deep breath and a deep stretch

A cell phone chirp indicating a new text message

A snarky comment prevented from repetition aloud

A soft bed, with high thread count sheets freshly laundered

Low glow from an antique lamp

A well-thumbed book, the third time read

Free lunch, and even better, at a restaurant

A scary movie, and someone to split buttered popcorn with

Al fresco anything

Having someone tell you there’s something in your teeth, immediately

Impromptu invitations

A sick day for your boss

Sunlight through the sunroof

Dew on grass, and then feet on dew


Icy water, without the ice


Sunday night before a Monday holiday

The burger at Wellville, Blue 9 or Corner Bistro

Bryant Park’s fountain

The still of seven a.m.

Being second in line (first is the worst, second is the best…)


Blue-bottomed pools

When someone refers to you as their best friend

Rooftop cocktails and fireworks

Bare arms and legs in the afternoon

Sunglasses that don’t pinch



Knowing that, on Friday morning, the entire weekend lies ahead


K said...

Hope you all are in a good mood today, and have a wonderful weekend. Thanks again for all of your comments, I always appreciate what you have to say, and always get excited to read your insights.

Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

Love Fridays.

bt said...

to this list i must add: when they say "this shot is the martini" and they mean it. (film reference, but if you know what i mean then you know what i mean)

GeminiWisdom said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. Although I would have to add one thing: reading in a comfy chair, an all day activity.

BTW, I dig icy water (on or off the rocks), naps and sick days for the boss.

themarina said...

Thank you for the wonderful start to the day. Perfect for reminding me that the weekend is just around the corner.

Beth said...

Thanks for your visit to my blog (integratedb at livejournal) and for your kind comments.

I'm REALLY with you about the high thread count sheets, freshly laundered. Combine that with the well worn book (and maybe a kind of rainy afternoon) and you have the recipe for my perfect day.

It's nice to read such a positive list. Thanks for reminding me of the great things in life.

Mdx said...

I like sheets that I've slept in a couple of days (maybe needing the scent is a guy thing). Is that gross?

Jeff said...

MMM, why can't everyday have one of those items?

ThursdayNext said...

K ~
You forget Frank Sinatra singing! :) I love this post.

*A cell phone chirp indicating a new text message*

One of my favorites...

LisaBinDaCity said...

Great list! Friday's rock my world of late...

Serena said...

...a happy Friday indeed. : )

danny said...

enjoyed the list k...

Madox23 said...

Love your list. I liked when you put when someone refers to you as their best friend. I get that warm fuzzy feeling when someone makes me sign their passport application as a reference and when I look at the “relationship” column it says friend. I feel like the government will somewhere have on its files that my friendship with this person exists.


Ps- and cool to see another Madox even though he spells his name differently.

D.T. said...

It sounds like a totally perfect day! I'm this story based on an experienced good mood?

Further on up the road said...

Thanks for such an optimistic post.

For me some that come straight to the front are.

An unexpected call from a friend just to say hi.
A walk in the sun
Listening to music
Lost in a book
A look from my kids that say’s “I love you”
My kids laughter
Swimming in a pool outside or in the sea
The quiet of early morning

On the sheets thing – it’s a girl one. My wife just lies there smelling the clean sheets.