Wednesday, February 18, 2009

To Do

My to-do list, in no particular order:

Find the orange juice I just poured, then put down.

Pick up the lemongrass soy candle that looks exactly like a glass of juice and sigh.

Print out materials for Children's Book Writing Course, my scheme to turn some past blog entries into some sort of Judy Blume-inspired series (that's cause I figure, does anyone want to read a literary novel about rich kids having a quarterlife crisis? I think, even if there wasn't a big ole freeze on buying new writers at all the publishing houses, that would be a resounding no. Let's save selling that for 2010).

Listen to a band I'm writing about. Read the only article written about them before. By BUTT magazine. I am not joking, people. (NSFW, obviously).

Formulate my proposal for a magazine I've had every other job for, to create a position they haven't thought of before, when they have no money to fund it. (Great ideas can't wait for the economy! At least mine can't, I have too many of them to stop myself, it's a problem really).

Spend a few hours reading my writing partner's novel and editing it with a light and overarching touch, repeating over and over "Do not make her write the book you want to write," because in the past that's happened to every writer on the face of the earth.

Book a ticket to Vegas and wonder how I got involved in such a mess. The bright side? It could help the proposal! Anyone know any good nightlife that isn't cheesy there? Yes, I know I'm asking about Vegas.

Figure out a restaurant for tomorrow's dinner with the girls. I have had girl-brunch there this weekend, took dessert out from there after our meal on V-day, and had dinner there last week, but I cannot stop suggesting Hundred Acres. (Monday's poached eggs, spicy grits, country sausage and warm cream biscuits with golden honey are a no-brainer for my addiction.)

Go to the gym, even though I think I pulled my ass yesterday doing some terrible military style workout devised for me by a madman. Can you pull your ass?

Take a very long walk because tomorrow I have to be at the office at 7 am, and I don't know how to be in an office anymore...


C-47 said...

So I click over to the Butt site, and as expected am overwhelmed with hairy ass and flaccid, semi flaccid and turgid man wang. Fine. No big shock. I investigate. Contributing writers, t shirt section party photos etc... and I notice a common thread.

Which is no ladies. Like anywhere, at all. Which leads me to ask.

Whatchu doin buyin butt, mama?
Are you goin pre-op?
Lookin to blaze new trails in the back country? What gives?

K said...

Hey the newest band for this summer was discovered by Butt. What do you want from me? Artistic integrity? Not in this economy, buster.

The interview is tomorrow and I am trying not to ask about the teenage prostitution and drug use involved, but I have to, right? I mean, the BUTT article is all about it!

Anonymous said...

On another, more general note...the fact that you're emphatically *not* in any way an 'egoblogger' makes this site extremely unique and worthwhile. You have fans!

K said...

Thanks anon! I don't actually have anything to be proud about or show off (accomplishments, silly things, those) so posting my random thoughts instead of pictures of me fameballing at parties is way easier and distracts me from unemployment-ish status.

By the way, uh, anyone want to invite me to a party? No? Well I didn't want to go to one anyway!